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About the artist

There’s something to be said about your 20’s in that it seems you have so much time and have no idea of what to do with it. I tried so many things and never felt sure of any of it until I tried being an artist. It is hands down the first thing I have ever felt sure of without question. When I was in junior high I took a career aptitude test that told me I was suppose to be an accountant and because I had no idea of what else I might want to do when I went to college you guessed it, I majored in accounting.

However during the course of my studies I grew to find that though I was able to do it, by no means did I love it so I switched to a more broad category to give myself opportunities in areas outside of accounting. With that being said my undergrad degree is in finance. After I graduated like so many of us I could not find a job for lack of experience so the first opportunity I got was an entry level accounting gig. I did that for a couple years and was absolutely miserable. So I quit and went on a soul searching journey that would eventually lead me here.

As a child I was always into drawing and crafts so it wasn’t a stranger to me but it was definitely something I had not done in a long time and I for certain had never tried painting outside of a classroom setting, but never the less there I was with a paint brush in hand and it was the most natural feeling I can recall. From there it has been quite a journey, definitely not absent of lows but balanced out with beautiful highs. Welcome to my webpage!



“The Depth of Still Water”

By: Laura Knight

“The Depth of Still Water”

A self illustrated debut poetry collection that questions societal norms and asks the age old question “who am I and more importantly who I’d like to become?” all while meeting at the intersection of race, class, gender and ultimately healing. This work describes the human experience from a unique perspective in that it reassures the reader it’s never too late to recreate yourself and is beautifully coupled with bold and vibrant illustrations that will leave the reader enamored.



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